Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin, Patrick!

Yesterday was a day just to make some in character clothes for my Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin, Patrick, one of the dolls I had been keeping sort of secret. He’s so big that I was having such a hard time making anything for him. But I finally was able to and I believe he looks quite handsome in his new threads.

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Doll Jewelry is FRUSTRATING!

Making doll jewelry is so frustrating! I just finished one of a design I had in the back of my head but hadn’t sat down to actually work on it. It was very frustrating I probably wont do something like that again. (Maybe.) It does look really pretty, it’s just really difficult since I bought a thinner chain so it would look more in-scale. Also if I do it again the clasp will be magnetic as it is very difficult to close with a barrel one.

Let me know what you guys think.




I was going to dress her up but I can’t find her pretty dress. -Sigh- It’s probably in the other room but it’s too late to go looking for it now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a better picture.


Update/Store Update

So yesterday I gave some tattoos to one of the dolls that I have yet to mention or post pictures of. :) I’ll keep it a secret a little bit longer and the body is yet to be finished.

I also will be adding bracelets to the store. They come in a pack of 5 random colors. Eventually I will add a custom color option/listing, but for now random it is. I might also add so Sea Life theme related bracelets, but  I don’t know yet. I’m also planning on adding some clothes but I’ve been having some problems with the planning. Hopefully everything gets worked out in the end.

Be sure to check out the store!




Under the Sea Necklace Coming Soon to Store!

So this weekend I’ve been very busy trying to get started on necklaces for dolls(bjds) and I’m just about ready to place them in the store. So exciting!! They won’t be the only thing for sale. I have a whole theme that includes a couple of clothing items as well, but they won’t be in the store just yet. Hope to see your dolls wearing them soon. :)


Here’s the promo pic for the necklaces:


What do you think?

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Monster High Update….

I received the doll packaged but the hybridizing of the 2 Monster High dolls isn’t going well. I cannot seem to remove the legs of either doll. It looks like they are held by a peg system but it isn’t budging. I’ve tried using metal tools to help me pry the legs out but all it does it bend the metal. I’m probably going to have to try more drastic measures. Hopefully I don’t break the dolls… Hope to have a better update next week.

P.S. – Eventually I will post about those 2 bjds that I’ve been keeping hidden. :)

See ya!