Letter to Asul

A letter for Asul over at DoA.

Hey Asul,
How are you? I’m Hana Vershvovski. I am 12 years old.

-sigh- I already don’t know what to say… hmm…

Well as you can see I love the color pink,

but my room is white. ^_^

I have an older sister. She isn’t home right now because she works.
So most of the time I’m home alone. It’s a scary big place.

I have a cat named Lune. I don’t know where he’s run off to so I guess you’ll meet him next time.

I sometimes play with my sister’s boss’s kid sister but she’s so little that she only wants to play hide and seek.
When I get bored of playing hide and seek, I tell her its nap time and have time to do something else.

Well that’s all I have for now. Sorry its so short. Hope to hear from you soon. ^^

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