Another Update

So here’s another update but this time its concerning bjds and such.

I just put a Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin on Layaway. YEAH! I had my eye on him for awhile but didn’t have the nerve to get him. But the hubby said that it was ok that I get him since sadly I can’t get Iplehouse EID Leonard. T-T Maybe next time when he’s DCS and I have the money to get him right there and hopefully they are not still behind on their orders when that time comes.

After Odin, I’m considering ordering a Spiritdoll Herculean Pine. We’ll see what happens. XD I know recently my house has been a buzz with all the new arrivals, the apartment search and all the doll goodies that keep arriving.

Hopefully we find a place soon so that all my dolly plans can come to fruition.

Stay tune! See y’all next time!

2 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. Congrats on the layaway! Too bad about Leonard, though. I liked him a lot too.

    I’ve heard lots of great things about Spiritdoll. Apparently they’re awesome posers.

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