Doll Jewelry is FRUSTRATING!

Making doll jewelry is so frustrating! I just finished one of a design I had in the back of my head but hadn’t sat down to actually work on it. It was very frustrating I probably wont do something like that again. (Maybe.) It does look really pretty, it’s just really difficult since I bought a thinner chain so it would look more in-scale. Also if I do it again the clasp will be magnetic as it is very difficult to close with a barrel one.

Let me know what you guys think.


I was going to dress her up but I can’t find her pretty dress. -Sigh- It’s probably in the other room but it’s too late to go looking for it now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a better picture.

3 thoughts on “Doll Jewelry is FRUSTRATING!

  1. I get you completely~!!! I bought a 1mm chain for my bjd necklaces and I can’t find any jumping connectors or wire thing enough to attach things. I ended up using some wire my brother had that God knows here it came from because he had like 10 cm. of it =_= and we can’t find more. Your necklace is VERY pretty! I think it was worth the work 😀

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