BJD Questionnaire

Since I’m done with editing/updating the blog for now, I decided to do a questionnaire I found on tumblr.
I’ll probably make this a weekly thing, maybe call it BJD Game Sunday or something. I don’t know.


  1. From all the dolls you own,who is your favorite and why?
    • I would have to say that my favorite would be the one that I make the most stuff for, which is Ellie (Iplehouse EID Rebecca). She is my favorite because she inspires me. When I see her I get so many ideas. That I actually do them is a different story but that is not her fault. She really gets my creative juices flowing.
  2. Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting.
    • I would have to say that when I was young I stumbled upon it while surfin’ the net, but nothing could be done then as I thought they were extremely expensive. My parents couldn’t afford something like that. Then about 2 – 3 years ago I stumbled upon them yet again. Only this time I was a working adult that can do anything with her money. So I researched a lot and then bought my very first one. Today I own at least 11. 🙂
  3. Name the very first doll you ever bought.
    • Resinsoul Dan that I named Amaya Vershvovski.
  4. Which doll do you plan to buy next?
    • Doll Granado Hansel
  5. Are you currently waiting on any dolls?
    • Not at this moment, hopefully soon.
  6. How many dolls do you currently have?
    • 13
  7. Name the very last doll you bought.
    • Iplehouse BID Bordy named Premila
  8. What is the worst thing about this hobby?
    • I would say the price but that is manageable as long as there’s layaway.
  9. What is the best thing about this hobby?
    • The Dolls and the creativity that comes with them.
  10. Which is your best dolly photo?
    • I would have to say it would be the one I took of the twins a couple days after they had arrived.DSCN0272
  11. Which is you favorite BJD company?
    • I like quite a few but I would say Iplehouse is my favorite because of their sculpts.
  12. Who are on your wishlist? 
    • Doll Granado Hansel
    • Dollshe Craft Grant Philippe
    • Dragon Doll Edmond Dantes
    • Iplehouse EID Bichun
    • Iplehouse EID Asa
    • Iplehouse SID Stella
    • Iplehouse SID Soo
    • Iplehouse EID Pamela*
    • Iplehouse EID Victor*
    • Iplehouse EID Leonard*
  13. Are there any dolls you wish you hadn’t purchased?
    • No, even though they sometimes give me trouble I would never wish I hadn’t purchase them. They each helped me learn something new (Sewing, Jewelry making, Pattern drafting, Face ups, Restringing and so on…).
  14. Who’s your favorite face up artist?
    • If its to look at then there are many. If its on my own dolls, I’d have to pick myself. 😀
  15. What is a must when considering a purchase pose ability/face-up/age/etc?
    • Research, research research… Read up on companies time/reviews/etc.

Thank you for reading.

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