A Slow Return

I’m slowly getting back in the groove of doll things.

Since the last time I posted I have received:

  • Impldoll RS Vanessa (Head Only)
  • Dollfie Dream Dynamite (Body Only)
  • Impldoll RS Deborah (Head Only)
  • Impldoll RS Plaice (Head Only)
  • Impldoll RS Azalea (Head Only)

And I’m finishing a layaway for:

  • Granado Nuevo Venus
  • Supia Hamin (Head Only)
  • Dollshe Erica Snow (Head Only)

Impldoll RS Vanessa became my Dragon Age Elf Inquisitor Lavellan and she’s on a Resinsoul NS body. The resin match was perfect.

13658490_858346764296549_831360111_nImpldoll RS Deborah became a sexy goth named Maze and she’s on the Dollfie Dream Dynamite body. The match with this one was off. The head has yellow tones, so I had to try to match with pastels. Now the match isn’t perfect but its hard to tell.

Impldoll RS Plaice will become Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Solas and will eventually get a Resinsoul body. In the meantime he will probably borrow one of the twins bodies.

Impldoll RS Azalea has no character or body at the moment but I’m sure I’ll make her one soon.

I’m thinking that Granado Nuevo Venus will be Kalyani’s Sister.

The Supia Hamin head will become Merril and eventually will also get a Resinsoul body.

As for Dollshe Erica Snow, I have no idea but she will share a body with Ellie.

I hope to post more soon.

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