Amaya Vershvovski


Name: Amaya Vershvovski
Age: 25 (182)
DOB: January 18th 1831 (Capricorn)
Arrival Date: January 18, 2013
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire Demon
Orientation: Bisexual
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Silver/Gray
Sculpt: Resinsoul Dan (NS)
Favorite Music: Electronica
Favorite Drink/Food: Plasma Juice O+
Career: Secretary of Ryuujin

Personality: She is sweet, caring, and a scaredy-cat. She has a bit of a dark side due to her family’s heritage. She’s always given 100% of herself to people and has gotten hurt many times that she has this barrier keeping people out. She’s afraid of getting hurt or used for her kind heart. Don’t get her wrong she is friendly, she is just careful to who she gives her friendship to. She loves to paint. She also enjoys playing the guitar.

Bio: At the age of 7, her family was attacked by the VHU(Vampires & Humans United), who overthrew her father. They tried to take her, but her dad fought them and they all got away. Her parents went into hiding and left her under the care of his loyal friends the Summits. They were to hide and raise her as their own. Amaya to this day hides from the VHU and is planing her revenge.

Anything else you’d like to know just ask her.


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