A Slow Return

I’m slowly getting back in the groove of doll things.

More under the cut! 🙂

Doll Jewelry is FRUSTRATING!

Making doll jewelry is so frustrating! I just finished one of a design I had in the back of my head but hadn’t sat down to actually work on it. It was very frustrating I probably wont do something like that again. (Maybe.) It does look really pretty, it’s just really difficult since I bought a thinner chain so it would look more in-scale. Also if I do it again the clasp will be magnetic as it is very difficult to close with a barrel one.

Let me know what you guys think.

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We are back!

I’m finally back from vacation and just saying I didn’t want to come back. 😀 It was really nice being away from everything. Whenever I’m over there I have no worries.  Oh well… 🙂

So I bet you’re wondering how my travel by plane with Ellie went and I’d have to say that it was actually awesome. When we went through the tsa in Newark airport, they just scanned the doll bag that Ellie was in and giggled. I giggled too as I was watching the screen and she looked really funny. On the p, and I placed her bag underneath the front seat and she was sticking out a bit but none of the stewardesses said anything. So Ellie arrived safely at our destination.

When leaving through the San Juan airport, I had the same experience as in Newark. No trouble for me. It was pretty easy traveling with Ellie. So I’m guessing it is not bad to travel by plane with a Doll as big as Ellie. Hopefully your experience is just as nice as mine.

Also I’ll be posting pictures of some of the new outfits I made Ellie and might add them to the store. So stay tuned.

See ya later!


Random Small Update!

I randomly started making clothes for Ellie today. I guess it’s not completely random, since I am taking her on vacation with me soon. She has a lot of shoes but barely any clothes. XD
I am fixing that today for some reason. And I don’t want it to be Monday, so I can keep making her clothes and accessories. Sadly it will be Monday tomorrow but at least it’s a short work week so I can get back to sewing faster. 🙂

I’ll try to post pictures later. I also have been meaning to post a few reviews and doll finds but I haven’t taken pictures of the items. o.O I get distracted easily by my bed so I nap instead. But I will try to get those things up later today. (The hubby wants to go to Gamestop and Target. Hopefully I find something for the dolls.)

See ya later!