A Slow Return

I’m slowly getting back in the groove of doll things.

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Seamstress Mode: ON XD

I’ve got all these ideas flowing through me. 😀 I cut out all the pieces for a button up shirt that’s will be for Jayden, also got all the buttons picked out. And my awesome hubby told me why not make pants for Aiden with the same fabric, I was all like awesomeness, so I’m planing for that. On top of that, I have 4.5 dresses cut and ready to sew for Ellie and Kalyani (the .5 isn’t really a dress, it’s more a skirt/top thing). I also want to make a blouse for that skirt/top thing. Ideas, ideas, ideas… I’m going crazy. 😀 I think I need a nap.

I just took a picture of all the fabrics and cut pieces. 😀 And here’s a list of everything I want to try to make today:

  • Button up shirt (Jayden)
  • Green/Gold Dress (Kalyani)
  • Black/Sliver Dress (Ellie)
  • Vest (Jayden)
  • Plaid Pants (Aiden)
  • Jeans (Aiden & Jayden)
  • Gray Slacks (Jayden)
  • Spacey Dress (Kalyani)
  • Spacey Skirt/top thing (Ellie)
  • Vest (Ellie & Kalyani)
  • Sweater (Ellie & Kaliani)

I’ll crossed them of as I make them. 😀

Pictures under the cut! 🙂

The Twins’ Underwear!

Today I was in sort of a sewing mood and made a shirt and boxers for the twins. I did say that I would have them fully dressed but motivation has been low on doing complicated clothing. 😛  I guess I been lazy, hopefully I’ll add more to their wardrobe tomorrow.

I was also trying to sew underwear for Ellie and Kalyani but the fabric I was using gave me problems. So I scraped that project for when I have more patience to deal with uncooperative stretch fabric. -_-‘

I did take pictures of the boys wearing the bits that I did sew. I was really excited when I finished, even-though it’s just underwear. XD  I just hope you guys enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them. ^-^

Pictures under the cut! 🙂

My boys arrived! And Face-ups!! ^_^

So the twins arrived on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 and I wasn’t able to give them a proper box opening or even do much with them due to work. Despite that, I was able to start on their face-ups. I’ve been trying very hard to keep their face-up sort of similar. It has been a struggle but I think I did pretty well. I’ll hopefully have them fully dressed by next weekend since it will be a long one for me.

Pictures under the cut! ^_^

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They shipped!!

My AprilStory boys shipped yesterday and are already in New York. They are just a few hours away. Hopefully they arrive tomorrow but it seems doubtful. I know for sure that they will at least get here by the end of the week. I’m hoping sooner than later.
They did take a little longer than expected in shipping but that was due to Korean holidays.  I just want them here already even though they will be naked for a few days but at least they will have hair, eyes and shoes. XD

Here’s hoping they get here tomorrow.
See ya!! ^_^