Hana Vershvovski


Name: Hana Vershvovski
Age: 12
DOB: January 28th(Aquarius)
Arrival Date: January 28, 2013
Gender: Female
Race: Demon Vampire
Orientation: Straight
Eye color: Blue/Cyan
Hair color: Pink
Sculpt: AOD Chun Ze (WS)
Favorite Music:
Favorite Drink/Food: Cotton candy

Personality: Childish, smart, sweeter than sugar.

Bio: She’s never meet her parents because they sent her as soon as she was born to the Summits. She was sent in a basket with a letter. The letter briefly said, “We weren’t expecting this, but please take care of this one as well. Her name is Hana, Amaya’s new sister.” When they looked inside they found a baby  with skin as white as snow and eyes pale blue with pink fuss on her head. The Summits fell in love with her and like Amaya raised her as their own too. Hana is too young to know what happened to her actual parents. So she isn’t seeking revenge. She doesn’t even have to hide because the VHU don’t know she is a Vershvovski.

Anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask her.


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