A Slow Return

I’m slowly getting back in the groove of doll things.

More under the cut! πŸ™‚

We’re back.

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t posted for a while since I was going through somethings and playing Dragon Age: Inquisition like an addict. Love the game!

However, I’m back and with my being back comes a bit of a store update as I will be adding doll/bjd hair jewelry as well as a chain option for necklaces. Remember that if you need something in a specific size do let me know, the worst I can say is no. πŸ™‚

Hopefully now I’ll have time to do my story/photostory that I’ve been putting off. As well as some random dolly pictures, this blog really needs some.

Well I better get back to work before Dragon Age calls me back. πŸ™‚


Another Update

So here’s another update but this time its concerning bjds and such.

I just put a Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin on Layaway. YEAH! I had my eye on him for awhile but didn’t have the nerve to get him. But the hubby said that it was ok that I get him since sadly I can’t get Iplehouse EID Leonard. T-T Maybe next time when he’s DCS and I have the money to get him right there and hopefully they are not still behind on their orders when that time comes.

After Odin, I’m considering ordering a Spiritdoll Herculean Pine. We’ll see what happens. XD I know recently my house has been a buzz with all the new arrivals, the apartment search and all the doll goodies that keep arriving.

Hopefully we find a place soon so that all my dolly plans can come to fruition.

Stay tune! See y’all next time!