Doll Jewelry is FRUSTRATING!

Making doll jewelry is so frustrating! I just finished one of a design I had in the back of my head but hadn’t sat down to actually work on it. It was very frustrating I probably wont do something like that again. (Maybe.) It does look really pretty, it’s just really difficult since I bought a thinner chain so it would look more in-scale. Also if I do it again the clasp will be magnetic as it is very difficult to close with a barrel one.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Random Small Update!

I randomly started making clothes for Ellie today. I guess it’s not completely random, since I am taking her on vacation with me soon. She has a lot of shoes but barely any clothes. XD
I am fixing that today for some reason. And I don’t want it to be Monday, so I can keep making her clothes and accessories. Sadly it will be Monday tomorrow but at least it’s a short work week so I can get back to sewing faster. 🙂

I’ll try to post pictures later. I also have been meaning to post a few reviews and doll finds but I haven’t taken pictures of the items. o.O I get distracted easily by my bed so I nap instead. But I will try to get those things up later today. (The hubby wants to go to Gamestop and Target. Hopefully I find something for the dolls.)

See ya later!


Dollmore Shoes

I just received these shoes I bought from Dollmore through a group order over at DoA. They are just gorgeous and fit Elethea perfectly.

I had sometime since they cancelled work and took the chance to take some pictures of Ellie wearing them. Keep reading to see them.

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A Pretty Dress for Elethea!

Last weekend I sat down and made a pretty dress for Ellie. I say it’s not finished because I would like to add some sleeves but I’m not sure. I do like it the way it is, so maybe I’ll keep it like this. Hopefully I can make more outfits for her next weekend.

I’m so excited about her! I just want to make a bunch of outfits for her. I just don’t know where to start. I’ll probably end up making a list here or a challenge for myself. ^_^ Whatever I decided I’ll keep you all posted.

Now for the pictures:

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