Wishlist for September 2014!

This months wishlist is more for the sewing machine and maintenance of the dolls. Some might not find it as interesting or as awesome as I see it. 😀 I plan on getting all items posted before the end of the month.

Now on to the wishlist:

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Wishlist for November!

If you saw the wishlist for October, you may have noticed I didn’t get any of those items. I had completely forgotten about them, but I will get them later on. XD
Hopefully I can get all the items for this month.
Here we go:

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Wishlist for October!

This wishlist will mostly have items that I want to order for the new doll (Iplehouse EID Special Forces Rebecca) that I have on Layaway.
Here we go:

    1. Leekeworld LR-020c Wig in ChocoBrown/NatBlack 7/8
    2. GuessDoll Rayne in Black 7.5 cm
    3. GuessDoll Ugg in Sand 7.5 cm

That’s it for now! Tune in late October to see if I got everything on my wishlist. ^_^