Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin, Patrick!

Yesterday was a day just to make some in character clothes for my Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin, Patrick, one of the dolls I had been keeping sort of secret. He’s so big that I was having such a hard time making anything for him. But I finally was able to and I believe he looks quite handsome in his new threads.

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Another Doll Incoming…What’s wrong with me? :D

My Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin arrived to Denver Doll Emporium on Friday. I’m excited but sadly I have to wait till next Friday to pay him off and get him home. I got him in Island skin. I haven’t made anything for him clothes wise, as I’ve never had a doll of his stature. I did get a couple shoes. I just hope they fit, since the Twins tried them on and it was a struggle and I think Odin’s feet are bigger.

I got him with jointed hands, so I’m going to see how many poses they can hold before I wire them. I also already have his eyes and wig. He’s probably is going to be eyeless for a while since I have no idea where I placed my eye putty. -sigh- I’d loose my head if it wasn’t attached. I lost the eye putty a while ago, that’s why I had to put kneaded eraser to hold the Twins’ eyes. T-T Hopefully I find my putty before Odin arrives at the atelier.

I also hope he arrives before I leave for vacation. The hubby and I are going to visit our parents in Puerto Rico. I decided to take Ellie along with us. I’ll try to remember to blog about my experience with travelling with an SD size doll in the airplane and how we made it through the TSA. I hope all goes smoothly and we all arrive safely to our destinations. We will be leaving on the 18th of this month and will be coming back on August 1st. I might post while on vacation but I make no promises. 🙂

See ya later!


Another Update

So here’s another update but this time its concerning bjds and such.

I just put a Islanddoll Norse Myth Odin on Layaway. YEAH! I had my eye on him for awhile but didn’t have the nerve to get him. But the hubby said that it was ok that I get him since sadly I can’t get Iplehouse EID Leonard. T-T Maybe next time when he’s DCS and I have the money to get him right there and hopefully they are not still behind on their orders when that time comes.

After Odin, I’m considering ordering a Spiritdoll Herculean Pine. We’ll see what happens. XD I know recently my house has been a buzz with all the new arrivals, the apartment search and all the doll goodies that keep arriving.

Hopefully we find a place soon so that all my dolly plans can come to fruition.

Stay tune! See y’all next time!