My boys arrived! And Face-ups!! ^_^

So the twins arrived on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 and I wasn’t able to give them a proper box opening or even do much with them due to work. Despite that, I was able to start on their face-ups. I’ve been trying very hard to keep their face-up sort of similar. It has been a struggle but I think I did pretty well. I’ll hopefully have them fully dressed by next weekend since it will be a long one for me.

Pictures under the cut! ^_^

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A Pretty Dress for Elethea!

Last weekend I sat down and made a pretty dress for Ellie. I say it’s not finished because I would like to add some sleeves but I’m not sure. I do like it the way it is, so maybe I’ll keep it like this. Hopefully I can make more outfits for her next weekend.

I’m so excited about her! I just want to make a bunch of outfits for her. I just don’t know where to start. I’ll probably end up making a list here or a challenge for myself. ^_^ Whatever I decided I’ll keep you all posted.

Now for the pictures:

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