The Twins’ Underwear!

Today I was in sort of a sewing mood and made a shirt and boxers for the twins. I did say that I would have them fully dressed but motivation has been low on doing complicated clothing. 😛  I guess I been lazy, hopefully I’ll add more to their wardrobe tomorrow.

I was also trying to sew underwear for Ellie and Kalyani but the fabric I was using gave me problems. So I scraped that project for when I have more patience to deal with uncooperative stretch fabric. -_-‘

I did take pictures of the boys wearing the bits that I did sew. I was really excited when I finished, even-though it’s just underwear. XD  I just hope you guys enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them. ^-^

Pictures under the cut! 🙂

My boys arrived! And Face-ups!! ^_^

So the twins arrived on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 and I wasn’t able to give them a proper box opening or even do much with them due to work. Despite that, I was able to start on their face-ups. I’ve been trying very hard to keep their face-up sort of similar. It has been a struggle but I think I did pretty well. I’ll hopefully have them fully dressed by next weekend since it will be a long one for me.

Pictures under the cut! ^_^

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They shipped!!

My AprilStory boys shipped yesterday and are already in New York. They are just a few hours away. Hopefully they arrive tomorrow but it seems doubtful. I know for sure that they will at least get here by the end of the week. I’m hoping sooner than later.
They did take a little longer than expected in shipping but that was due to Korean holidays.  I just want them here already even though they will be naked for a few days but at least they will have hair, eyes and shoes. XD

Here’s hoping they get here tomorrow.
See ya!! ^_^