A Pretty Dress for Elethea!

Last weekend I sat down and made a pretty dress for Ellie. I say it’s not finished because I would like to add some sleeves but I’m not sure. I do like it the way it is, so maybe I’ll keep it like this. Hopefully I can make more outfits for her next weekend.

I’m so excited about her! I just want to make a bunch of outfits for her. I just don’t know where to start. I’ll probably end up making a list here or a challenge for myself. ^_^ Whatever I decided I’ll keep you all posted.

Now for the pictures:

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Hello Everyone!!

Sorry for not posting around here. >_<

I just wanted to say that I received Iplehouse EID Rebecca on December 26. It was a nice present to myself. ^_^

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Small Update

Haven’t posted in awhile. ^_^ Work has me really busy.
Haven’t really worked on the Christmas outfits but I did manage to at least cut the fabric out.
Still I probably won’t finish in time but it’s okay since Rebecca and Bibiane won’t be here for their outfits. 😦
I’m thinking Rebecca will ship around the end of December even though they did tell me she would ship early December.
I don’t like waiting.

Also to update on the November wishlist. I have received both wigs and will be posting pictures and maybe a review later on this week. So don’t forget to look forward to that.

Anyway, just wanted to keep this updated. I’ll be playing some FFXIV for now. You can find look me up. I’m Qahs Relanah on the Odin server. See ya! ^_^

10 facts about Ellie

Will update later with her picture when she arrives. For now I hope you enjoy these 10 facts.

  1. Her full name is Elethea Papadopoulos.
  2. She was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  3. Her best friend is Kalyani.
  4. She loves to dance. She says dancing shows off her body.
  5. Her favorite color is lavender.
  6. She is very family-oriented.
  7. She went to study overseas.
  8. She is very outgoing.
  9. She wants to own a huge house someday.
  10. She loves to buy shoes and necklaces. Even if she never wears them. -_-‘


I can’t help but drool over Iplehouse’s Rebecca. I really like the way she looks. ^_^
I can’t believe I’m buying her. It’s like a weird dream that I’ve been saving for. I can’t stop talking to my boyfriend about it. I imagine he’s tired of listening to me ramble on and on about how beautiful she is and how I can’t wait for her to show up at our front door. I’m so excited I could faint. XD
I’ll leave you all with a picture of Rebecca from Iplehouse.


I got her and everything they show her with.