Doll Finds – YOSD Size Drawer

It’s been at least a month since I bought this. I just finally found the time to take pictures. It looks like a little doll house on the outside but on the inside it has drawers. I found and bought this from the thrift store. Its perfectly sized for YOSDs. It looks very pretty and it’s perfect for Sayuri. She likes this kind of theme. Whenever I make Sayuri a room she will have this as her drawer.

Modeled by Sayuri.

Pictures Under the cut! 🙂

My Dolls as Chibis! XD

I’d like to say that my blog is still under-construction but I wanted to post something to test it out as well as just start posting in general.

So for my first post I’m posting my dolls as chibi characters. ^-^

First up the Vershvovski Sisters, Amaya and Hana:

Hana doesn’t have horns yet, but she will soon also she is more cream white. ^o^
Next the Nakamura Siblings, Ryuujin and Sayuri:
Sayuri is arriving with a default blonde wig, might keep it.
Well that is it for now.